Back in the Ladder

While Noel has been finishing up the drywall installation, I've started mudding and taping. I did a little work today -- I was kind of under the weather for various reasons and wasn't up to full-on gung-ho crazy taping, but I did get the first coat applied on half the room.

Here's the room with the tape installed, which I did yesterday:


And the first layer of mud:

first layer of mud

My plan of attack, based on what worked well in the Back Parlour, is to mud the field screws first, then mud the flat joints, then do the corners. Ideally, in places where work meets up with other work, you want one of them to be completely dry before you try to do the other, so I'm going to do some corners tonight while Noel finishes up installing drywall, in hopes that when I go to do the others tomorrow, they will be dry. (Drywall mud dries, rather than curing like plaster.)

posted by ayse on 12/15/04