Foundation of the Foundation

NOTE: As of September 23, 2009, this post has been edited in
accordance with a court-mediated settlement. The names of the
contractor and his excavation subcontractor have been replaced with

We had a meeting today with our general contractor for the foundation work, Contractor A (that's the guy who would eventually nearly destroy our house and end up threatening us such that we had to call the police to have him removed from the job site) of Contractor A Construction (the hand-down single worst contractor we've ever hired, and that list includes the guy who got sent to jail for defrauding the state). Contractor A (in case you were having trouble following this, he's the guy who showed up drunk on the job site) has been incredibly open and forthright with us [edited to add: please read other entries about this project rather than relying on this early estimate of Contractor A's character (further edit: he's the guy who sabotaged the job site when he walked off the job)], and willing to work with us on refining our checklist of things to get done during this process. He's also probably going to make it possible for us to put in a basement right away, which would really make a huge difference in our quality of life (because all those tools could move from the hallway and living room down to the basement).

They're going to start work next week or the week after, now Contractor A (remember: the guy who failed to dewater the site properly and then tried to hide the damage from us) tells us that he has pretty much determined that there's no water table problem in the depths required for shoring and the future basement. Contractor A's guys are going to come in and remove the old chimney and repair the roof hole, which should make quite the mess, but get rid of the need to keep a bucket on hand in the Front Bedroom. We're looking forward to just having that done. Hopefully, the bad roof work around the chimney is the only reason why that leak is happening, or at least the major one.

The first step on the foundation itself is for Contractor A's guys to dig holes that the cribbing will rest in. Alameda is a sand bar island, so they have to dig down pretty far to get to soil stable enough to support the house that way. Then the shoring subcontractor (the one who ended up driving a bobcat into the side of our house) will show up and send several long steel beams through the house from the front (one of which will go through the location of my little magnolia tree, so I have to dig that up and put it in a container sometime this week), set the cribbing under them and then our house is supported for the duration of the work.

In the mean time, we have some work we need to get done:

Noel has promised to take pictures. Which means that at least once a week I will post them, if he doesn't get around to it (slacker).

posted by ayse on 12/29/04