The Three Ages of Sump

Here we see an excellent example of the Sump in its natural habitat. The young Sump can be observed here perched on a few bricks in a shallow pool:


The adolescent Sump, in an attempt to attract a mate, has coiled itself into a small package. Note that the previously rigid float has become a floating sac:


As an adult, the Sump has discarded any pretense of being fashionable at all and instead reverts to a child-like state. It is difficult for even the trained scholar to tell the difference between a young and old sump. The only clue comes from the depth at which it is installed: the deeper the hole, the older the Sump:


Some may be lulled into a false sense of security by the presence of a Sump. The wild beast is never tamed, however. Here we see the raw power of an adult Sump when left umonitored:


posted by noel on 01/29/05