Why We Started This

We have a front loading washer that we adore, but ever since we bought it, the spin cycle has made the whole house sway like a boat on the open sea. So much so that I have to be careful not to put a load of laundry in before bedtime or if I need to concentrate on something.

This evening we walked inside as the thing was in mid-spin, and you could hardly even tell the washer was on, much less feel seasick from the swaying. The house still has movement -- that will be with us until we do the floors at the very very end of this long story -- but it's significantly less than a few weeks ago on shoring alone, or even the original state of the foundations.

It's been easy to forget the reasons why we had to replace the foundation in the midst of the Great Awfulness. But now we get a nice, firm level base to work from.

(Shoring is being removed Tuesday! So I can replant my magnolia next weekend!)

posted by ayse on 09/17/05


I just spend the past hour reading the archives on your site, which I found via houseblogs... wow, I can't believe the grief you've had over this. It seems like the end is in sight though, so good luck.

you should fill that basement with champagne and swim in it, and i hope you will. then neatly pump it all out.
what a saga, guys.

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