Bay of Concrete

(Sounds like a WWII battle, no?)

The concrete truck arrived early this morning:

concrete arrives

The chute got aligned to funnel concrete into the wheelbarrow:

chute setup

From there, Jose and Don Jose shoveled it quickly into the forms under the side bay window:

shoveling concrete

Once the forms were filled, they used the vibrating "donkey tail" to compact the concrete:

the donkey tail

After vibration, they troweled it smooth. Here's the finished product:

finished product

While they guys were waiting for the shoring to be removed, they had some time to fill. They started to remove trash from the backyard. Here's a load stacked up on the pickup truck, ready to go to the dump:

truck full of junk

Goldie checks out the newly cleaned-out space:

yard getting empty

Thomas, one of the owners at Counterforce, visited the site this afternoon. We talked briefly about removing trash, dirt, and concrete. On the latter point, the soon to be removed driveway got marked with indicator paint:

driveway marked up

posted by noel on 09/19/05