What Was Dead is Alive Again

I was making one of my quick tours of inspection in the garden yesterday, checking on the status of various plants that were sending up shoots or budding out, when I noticed this:

Trillium appearing

Last year I planted three trillium bulbs and nothing happened, so I assumed they'd just died and that was that. But now they appear to be alive in there (I have circled them so you can sort of see them through the weeds). Very exciting!

Also showing signs of life after a suspected death-from-neglect, the dicentra (bleeding heart). This one I should have expected to come back, as it's a native so it must be tolerant of long spells of no water.

Dicentra specabilis appearing

And on the Holy Cow front, look at those nectarines, and consider that every one of those flowers wants to become a fruit.

Nectarines in bloom

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posted by ayse on 03/11/08