A Few New Plants

I went out today to get tickets to the garden show that starts tomorrow, and of course that meant going to a couple of nurseries and of course that meant a little impulse shopping.

I put a clump of club moss over by the trillium, because there's a bit of space there against the fence and our neighbors' house that really just needs to be covered up.

Club moss

I replaced my mother fern that I killed last year (apparently they actually prefer to be watered regularly, go figure). This one is much smaller than my old one. (Those are toad lilies to the bottom right.)

Mother fern

And my big purchase, which was actually planned, was four six-packs of pinkish impatiens that I planted amidst the hydrangeas out front. I want to cover up the bare soil and fill in a little out there, so it looks less barren than it did.

Lots of new pink impatiens

I'm not usually a huge impatiens fan, but they don't mind being on the North side of the building and I managed to find a bloom colour that was not totally garish.

And because I know it drives some of you absolutely crazy when I post lots of plant pictures, even twice in one day, more garden report:

We have Lady Jane tulips in bud (turkestanica in the back there well in bloom).

Tulipa clusiana Lady Jane

And this allium is opening veeeery very slowly.

Allium shubertii opening

Now that the nectarines and peaches are in wild bloom, the cherries are getting ready for their show. We got five (5) sweet cherries last year and zero (0) sour cherries, so I'm looking forward to a more abundant harvest this year.

Cherry blossoms

And very good news? That'd be this:

Lilac Blue Skies

It's my lilac, 'Blue Skies,' and look! It's got flower buds on it! Sure, it's almost buried in the invading ferns from next door and the leaves from the amaryllis, but you can see them right there at the top.

Blue Skies buds

(I put that gnome there to mark the lilac so it doesn't get enthusiastically chopped down. Also so I can find it at this time of year.)

That's all for now. I've got to get ready for my big night, because tonight Noel and I have a hot date with a bucket of water, four walls, and a pink ceiling, if you know what I mean.

I have a date with TSP

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posted by ayse on 03/11/08


Hope you are able to do a mid-summer follow up to this post. It'd be great to see these areas at there fullest for comparison.

The impatiens will look great there. Sometimes you just have to fall back on the annuals to keep everything going. Think how many weeds they will smother!

I for one, love the plant/garden updates! Since you're so ahead of me, it also reminds me to get moving on my overwrought tulip protection barrier, since I want to see my weird tulips bloom just once and save them from the deer.

I'm definitely planning to show the same areas through the summer. This will be my first summer with the fully functional irrigation system, so I'm going to be paying careful attention to the difference it makes.

And, miracle of miracles, the guy who always used to send me angry e-mail whenever I posted a bunch of garden photos (or photos of the dogs) seems to have finally figured out that there's a whole wide internet out there without either distraction from whatever content he really wanted.

Good luck with that deer barrier, Trayla. I'm pretty lucky that the dogs only stomp on or lie on plants rather than eating them.

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