We touched up the caulk, applied Safest Stripper to the window sill details, and washed the walls with TSP. That was what we'd planned to do tonight, with an eye to possibly having time to paint the ceiling. But it was kind of getting late. Then Noel looked over at me and said, "Wanna paint it?" And so we did.

First we did the ceiling, and as each rollerful of paint went on the space seemed to grow larger and larger, and the light shifted from sickly to reasonably bright.

Ayse applying the first coat of primer

We only had one roller sitting around (must remember to go get more tomorrow), so we switched off using it. We did the ceiling, then the upper walls, then worked our way around the lower walls.

Noel painting

It's not great, and I still need to go in and get the corners, but it's a thousand million times better than it was this morning, and that's what counts.

The first coat on the room

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posted by ayse on 03/12/08