Let Me Show You My Figs

In the last week or so the most recalcitrant of the fig cuttings have started showing signs of leaf buds, which is a relief because I was starting to think the Green Greek was dead and the Desert King on its way there. But here is a weensy little bud on Desert King yesterday afternoon (Blanchette and White Genoa are the two behind it):

Desert King bud

And here, so microsopically small you may barely be able to see it, is a glimmer of green leaf bud (the bud is shaped roughly like a figure eight, and the green is in the center of the upper part of the eight). Oh, yes, it is subtle. But it is definitely there.

Leaf bud on Green Greek

It's just about time to repot the two figs that started producing buds weeks ago.

Also, yesterday Noel took off work and came to the garden show with me (to the derision of his boss, who told him that Real Men go to the garden show on the weekend). You will note this sign on the fence around the Cow Palace, which might make you wonder exactly what is going on inside.

First Amendment sign

And then the true horror makes itself known to you:

Fake grass

Please note the "feature" to the right: "The pet owner's solution!" Because the idea of having to steam clean my lawn whenever the dog gets runny poos is really appealing, let me tell you. I think I'll stick to real grass and let biological decay do its job, thanks.

The stuff isn't too bad when it's spread on a concrete floor, I admit: kind of like a nice shag carpet. If you want to carpet a room in fake grass, it seems nicer than some of the more cheap fake grasses.

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posted by ayse on 03/14/08