And on to the Chicken Yard

After taking a break earlier, we installed two of the five posts that will define the Chicken Yard. We're waiting for those two to cure up before doing the next three tomorrow.

The first thing we had to do was move a bunch of compost around, so there was a lull in the digging activity while we forked compost all over the place. Now it's in a large, not very tidy looking swath.

And of course, as soon as we started digging, we hit yet another buried tree while digging a post hole. Noel finds something unaccountably funny about the idea of using a power tool like this on the lawn.

Sawzall in the lawn

We also found this token.

Token in the soil

And in the end, we had a couple of posts that look totally crooked because everything else back there is out of plumb or leaning heavily.

New chicken yard posts

But we're mostly done, and with only minor casualties.

Goldie may be dead

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posted by ayse on 04/12/08