It Was Very Hot Today

I do not do well in heat. This is one of many reasons why I moved to and have settled down in coastal California. Today it was over 80F, which may not sound like much to you in inhumane parts of the country but is too much for this frail flower of femininity.

To avoid the worst of the heat, we timed our supply run for midday. We went back to Home Depot for fence panels to make the first segment of the fence (mostly to try it out: does this design make sense). This was irritating because it was Home Depot, so of course it was going to be irritating. Also, the panel I had carefully chosen and calculated for from the web site was not actually at the store, so we had to do a lot of quick math. But soon we were home with our pieces.

The nice part about this fence design is that the panels can be constructed on the driveway, where it is clean and smooth and work goes quickly.

The first panel had to be about 57" wide, so we laid out panels that miraculously turned out to be 57" wide with no trimming. I suspect none of the subsequent panels will be nearly as obliging.

Fence panels laid out on the driveway

Our cross pieces are panels ripped down the middle. We glued them to the panels with construction adhesive (this is the influence of architecture school: the overuse of glue), then screwed them together from both sides. With cross pieces on both sides, plus the glue and screws from both directions, the panel became very solid.

Noel glueing the cross pieces on the panel

And there you have it. Just a little more work to be done.

The finished panel

We carried it to the back, Noel trimmed off the ends, and then we attached it to the posts with four L brackets.

Noel attaching the panel

When we had finished that, we were flush with our success and went on to put in the next fence post for the chicken yard. As you can see, it was getting later in the day and the weather was cooling down substantially. Much easier to work in.

New chicken yard post plus fence

Sometimes when we do a concrete project, we have the girls give us a grudging paw print. I guess one of them decided to just get it over with.

Paw print in concrete

We had one quick break for water and some food, then the last two posts went in very quickly. We spent some extra time cleaning up the tools and putting concrete things away for the moment, until we do the chicken house.

New chicken yard

And finally, some neighbors were clearing out a bunch of clutter and gave us these little chairs for our garden. A good place to sit at the end of a long, hot day. The pink thing is a Zoom Groom, which is Rosie's favourite way to have her winter fluff brushed off. The garden is awash in fluffy balls of black fur these days.

New little chairs

Our next big project is more fence panels. And tomorrow I will staple up some chicken wire (yes, I know it is not optimal for chicken fencing, but in this case I think it is what works best), and maybe go get some aviary netting for the top so we will have a real chicken yard.

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posted by ayse on 04/13/08


wow 80 degrees, here in Illinois it was colda lite snow and rain mix, didnt stick thank god and now it is 44 with sun. I am excited about the 44. yard looks nice fence is going to make it look even better

Wish we were closer to the coast, it was in the 90's here in Tracy yesterday. I worked on things inside the house. The fencing looks nice so far and the glimpse of the garden looks like it is blooming nicely. It's always nice to get free stuff and those chairs are really cute!

The fence looks so nice!

Hot it was, especially here in San Pedro! 92 degrees (Sunday) and we are on the coast! I agree with you, heat just does me in. Our cats spent the day positioning themselves under the ceiling fans. Today is MUCH better in terms of heat. Also, humidity is up. Great fence work! Your garden is lovely! meo

At one point in the day, Noel remarked that if it was that hot here, it must be up near 100 in the valley. And I was thinking that if it was that hot in April, what is July going to be like?

Having lived in both the Bay Area and the Southeast, I know what you mean about the heat. Although the dry heat is famously so much less disgusting than humidity, what people in really hot places forget nowadays is that when you live somewhere that doesn't get hot very often, you don't have air conditioning, often not even ceiling fans. So when it DOES actually get hot out, there's no relief. You can't stagger in from the garden to a 74-degree house - the house is hotter than the yard.

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