The very last thing I wanted to do today was any more sanding. So the very last sanding job in the front parlour was, to put it nicely, half-assed. And of course the first coat of primer over raw drywall is always hardest to put on, and it uses more primer than you would ever expect, so that was an enjoyable several hours of work, as well.

But look at this:

This morning, before starting, we had a splotchy beige.

Front parlour, before priming

And now it's splotchy, but it's all splotchy inside of shades of white. I still need to get the inside corners and around the bay windows, but as I post this the room is ready for a second coat of primer (which I had to run out and buy more of, because the room sucked up nearly two gallons of primer on that first coat and we were all out).

After the first coat of primer

I also took the curtains down and put them in the wash, because they were really dirty. They're super-cheap IKEA curtains on little pressure curtain bars, but they do the job. And the machine washable part is a plus.

Now off to do coat number 2.

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posted by ayse on 03/23/09


Looking good.

I love those doors. Will they remain painted or will you be stripping those? I'm not usually a big fan of robin egg blue as a trim color but I have to say I kind of like it. Very cheery.

You seem to make real good progress. We are in a holding pattern until the weather warms up. I'm itching to do something, even if it's wrong!!!!

The pocket doors will probably remain bright blue for the time being, but we'd like to paint them white rather than blue. It's just a matter of having the time to clean them, prep, and paint. As much as I don't actively mind having woodwork that is a series of insane colours, I'd rather have it somewhere closer to consistent, and let the colours be on the walls.

The previous owners were a bit more into the wild colours thing: at one point they had the walls of the parlours a deep tomato-soup red, and the woodwork a nice bright pea green. I like the colour combo, but could not see living with it.

I'm excited! You've made such great headway! What a great room. What color will you paint the walls? Those ARE wonderful doors.

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