Final Formwork

I spent some time this afternoon putting some tape over the seams on the form liner. This is to keep the concrete from blowing between the form liner and form while we are vibrating it. The tape is not great but I think it might work OK for our purposes.

Taped seams

And yesterday, I bought a hammer drill, which is a really great tool that I can't believe we didn't own before now, even though I got the total Girl Treatment (you're using words but we don't believe anything you say) at Economy Lumber when I was buying it. It drills through concrete like it is butter. Do you do anything involving drilling in concrete? Get yourself one of these.

Noel using the hammer drill to lock the forms in place

We used the hammer drill to drill pilot holes in the formwork and then nail it down to the footing with masonry nails. I think Noel broke the heads off of about a hundred masonry nails. Maybe they're not made to take actual nailing?

Noel squinched behind the formwork

Tomorrow at noon, the concrete arrives. Expect another day not-very-well documented, but then we will have photos of our finished concrete wall ready to go. It's been a long, wet spring, and the rain is expected to arrive just as the concrete truck does. We shall see how it goes.

posted by ayse on 06/02/11