One Rake

Noel picked up the new, taller rakes from Economy Lumber today, and the saga of our upper railing continues because the lower posts are really in the wrong spot and the rakes don't fit right. You can kind of see it in the next photo, that the spot where the rail would attach over the stairs has a step right next to it.

George on the upper stairs

Also, look who's visiting again! It's Inspector George reporting for duty, ready to roll in mud and try to eat bees. So nice to visit the country every now and then.

OK, let's install the lower rails instead

Anyway, we spent a bunch of time kind of trying different things out and having none of them work quite right, and decided to move on and install the lower rakes instead.

The adjustable panel

The panes are designed to adjust to the right angle, which makes sense given that there is a lot of possible variation in the slope of a set of stairs.

Measuring out the panel

The process for installing the lower rakes seems pretty straightforward, but by the time we got the first one installed, it was getting late and the sun was going down. The perils of letting your outdoor project drag until after the equinox, I guess.

Canine supervisory committee

We did have some help. OK, no help at all unless you count getting dirty paw prints all over the deck.

One rake in place

So, next rake and some geometrical problem solving on the other side tomorrow. I guess it's a good thing we didn't have much planned for this weekend.

posted by ayse on 09/22/12