Two Rakes

The solution to the upper rake problem turns out to be both a bit complicated and really easy: we just have to cut and weld a horizontal piece on there, and it will work. As it happens, Noel is going to have some piano-related welding done soon, so he will do that bit of welding at the same time.

In the meantime, we got the second lower rake installed.

Another rake installed

Really, Goldie can be a cheerful dog. But as soon as I take out the camera she gets this long-suffering look and just kind of sags.

Apart from touch-up paint on the cuts for the railing, I spent the day making grape jelly, and the house smells correspondingly sweet and fruity. I made a half-sugar batch using some of our honey (not too much, or it will all taste like honey rather than grapes and honey). It came out nicely, even though I'm not much of a jelly person. The honey adds a nice heavy note to the grapes, which are from a friend's vine and are sweet and floral and smell like heaven even before they are boiled down into jelly.

Anyway, with the deck railing at a halting point until we get the rakes welded, it's time to turn our attentions inwards, and start reframing the bathroom spaces. I've started doing little cartoons of the framing and estimates of how much of what we will need. Fun fun fun. Certainly more fun than getting halfway through and needing to make an emergency trip to the lumber yard.

posted by ayse on 09/23/12