Winter is Coming

Quite literally. And rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Which is much needed, of course, but did lend a certain frantic energy to the evening.

The top of the stairs on the deck

When we built the deck we designed it to have a removable board on the end of the stairs, right next to the house, so we could install siding.

The last board removed for access

It was a little trickier than you might expect to remove it, but we did get it out.

Putting up building paper

Then it was just a matter of squeezing a stapler in there to get the paper up.

Around the corner

And a couple photos of the rest of our work, most of which was around the water heater exhaust pipe. As you can see, photos of black paper in the the darkness are really some kind of compelling.

And up to the deck

The only part of the house that still needs paper is the very front, where we need to install some plywood to fur the walls out so the siding is at the same position all around the house. And then we need to install the flashings around each opening in the walls.

But first, we need to survive the rain and wait for everything to dry out again.

posted by ayse on 09/17/14