Some Plywood

Today's adventure was getting plywood on the front of the house so that the siding we put up there will match the siding on the rest of the house.

First, we had to go buy plywood. Which meant that we had to unload all the siding from the truck.

photo 5.JPG

At the same time we sorted the boards by size. Because that's how we roll.

That took a while, but it was worth it because we discovered that several boards had not been primed on both sides. Guess that's a little something that needs to get done. Even more boards need to be touched up, too, so there goes another day to painting.

I took some photos before we got started. The hydrangeas do kind of get in the way so the photos are a little enigmatic, but here they are:

photo 4.JPG

That's looking down from the porch.

photo 6.JPG

And looking in from the corner of the house.

photo 7.JPG

And the trickiest part of the work: the little segment of wall by the porch that has the house water supply, an electrical outlet, and some irrigation going through it.

Most of the plywood went up pretty quickly:

photo 8.JPG

(Do you see Noel in the back there, measuring?)

photo 9.JPG

We had juuuust enough big sheets of plywood to get the front done, and then our plan was to use scraps for the last wall.

photo 10.JPG

But first we had to make one modification: we cut off the big 1-1/2" pipe that goes from the sump to the curb. This is the emergency drain line that we only use when something goes wrong with the irrigation system, or the primary sump pump gets overwhelmed. We'll still have that line, but we plan to run it to the middle of the back yard instead of the street.

In the meantime I will go buy a PVC cap and cap off the pipe, should we ever need to use it for some reason.

So Noel cut the line off outside, then went inside and made another cut so we could pull the piece out and continue our work.

photo 13.JPG

After that getting the last bit of wall done was just a lot of piecing together of strips of plywood, and notching holes through them for the various services. It doesn't look great but all it needs to do is hold up the siding and its associated paper and flashing.

posted by ayse on 09/20/14