A Little More

Noel spent most of the day today running around getting materials, or trying to get materials, including a carful of tile for the side porch.

Pile of tile in the car

(Here it is, making the back end of Noel's car drag perilously.)

We'll have a nice black-and-white checkerboard pattern there, which should be subtle from the street but interesting up close.

Working around the bay

But he did manage to put up some siding on the front bay and start working on the other side of the porch. The gardeners came this week and pruned the hydrangeas back from the house, which made it easier to move around in there.

The side of the porch

Then our latest set of houseguests arrived and we went out for Laotian food rather than stay outside trying to install siding in the dark.

posted by ayse on 10/08/14