Pause for Illness

Work on the house is continuing, but we have had a week or so of pausing because Rosie has been quite sick with pneumonia, which takes it out of you at any age, and she is 15 which is extremely elderly for a big dog. We've had a long week of caring for her, which has sure helped take our minds off the election.

Sick Rosie

She is really quite unwell and we have been taking time off work to take care of her because she can't be alone, but all indications at this point are that she will get better.

I will have more stuff later, but now I'm going to give you a couple of photos of things happening at the house:

Sprinkler rough-in on the first floor

First, the sprinkler installation is mostly done. The city threw the sprinkler company a curve ball by asking for a water pressure test before issuing the permit (rather than after as is more common) so there may be a delay on getting the OK to close up walls and ceilings. Hopefully they will be reasonable about this because they are not reasonable about most things.

This view is up into the ceiling of the dish pantry, which will have an access panel for a hydronic heating manifold.

Dining room

Second, we were at the house the other day in the afternoon and here is what the dining room looks like in the fall light. The overhang of the notch is designed to let in maximum light in the winter months when the sun is lower in the sky while blocking out the sun in the summer months both from above and from the side (afternoon sun is often the hottest here, and harder to block because it comes more horizontally).

I guess all those classes on solar orientation in architecture school weren't a total waste.

posted by ayse on 11/13/16