Ten Projects for 2008: A Review

It's that time of the year, when we look back on our work over the last twelve months and see how we did. Last year we decided to make a prioritized list of projects for the year: Ten Projects for 2008. That was pretty helpful, because it mostly kept us from getting distracted and working on random things instead of what we had planned. Of course, we didn't get much of it done; of ten projects, we completed five. On the other hand, the list was pretty optimistic, so five out of ten is better than we expected.

Project 1: Accordion Room


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Project 2: Operation Bathroom Restoration

Postponed due to lack of time/energy/money. We want to get it done this year, though. Really.

Project 3: Major Remodel Drawings


Well, the planning portion is done, which is the part we wanted to do this year; the construction set is still in progress.

Project 4: Chickens in the Garden


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Project 5: Bees in the Garden

Postponed until we have a new roof, because nobody wants bees in the attic.

Project 6: New Roof

Postponed until the Big Renovation.

Project 7: Reopening the Pantry


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Project 8: Assorted Food Plans


We planted four more apple trees, and obtained raspberries from a friend as planned. And a grape that we hadn't planned for. And we got four fig scions (three of which survived the summer) from the scion exchange. On order this year is an apricot.

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Project 9: A Deck

Postponed until spring.

Project 10: More Paneling

Postponed until this year, mainly due to holiday scheduling. The plan is to have a big work day and have friends come help us tear down the paneling, the dropped ceiling, and whatever else we find up there.

posted by ayse on 12/26/08